The Wedding Canopy a delightful, unforgettable memento from your wedding day.

produces personalized wedding canopies, sewn by special order for the married couple to-be.

A Canopy unlike that of any other couple.

The Canopy is made only of fabrics and white edging onto which we place photos of the married couple to-be. Additional items that can be integrated into the Canopy are the wedding invitation, names of the couple, selected texts from the Torah, Kabalistic letters, or any other item you desire.

In addition to having the personal and special Canopy during the wedding ceremony, the Canopy remains a memento for the happy couple and is designed to be used as a bed spread for a double bed.

So … treat yourselves, make that special, thrilling moment in your lives even more special and allow yourselves to keep a souvenir from that moment which will never return. Or, treat your partner, brother, sister or other loved one and get them a gift that they will never forget. Congratulations!

חופהחופת טלאים רקומהחופהחופת טלאים. צילום תמי, ל"תג תמר"פרוכת בשילוב הדפסותפרוכת בשילוב הדפסותפרוכת בשילוב הדפסותתחרהמשיטלאים גדוליםטלאים נוסטלגיתרקמה רקמהרקמה בטלאיםפינהפינהפינהפינהרקמה